Best Baby Gifts: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Fisher Price 2. Baby Gund 3. Carters Bodysuits
Fisher Price On-The-Go Best Baby Gift Baby Gund Animated Flappy Carter's Simple Joys Bodysuits

Is it the first birthday of your baby or niece? Then, one thing that you should not forget to present is the gift. There are many gifts available in the market exclusively for the babies.

You can buy the best baby gift that is loved by the baby. The gifts can range from toys, strollers, to rockers or a soft play mat. You should buy the baby gifts that improve the motor skills, hand and eye coordination of the kid.


We have compiled the list of the best baby gifts after going through the reviews and discussing with the professionals. You can rely on our list if you are planning to buy the baby gift.

Top 10 Best Baby Gifts

1. Fisher Price On-The-Go

Fisher Price On-The-Go Best Baby Gift


If you are planning to travel with the new addition in the family outdoors, then it is must to have a dome. You can think of this best gift for a newborn baby for soon-to-be-mom or the new parent. There is enough room inside the dome where you can put the kid and have some space to keep the diapers. This crib is lightweight to carry along with you while travelling.

The canopy on the top of the dome will give ample protection to the babysitting inside it when you are carrying them under the sun. You can use this dome at home to make the baby sit inside it and play with them.

The toys equipped to the dome will entertain the kid for a long time. They would be able to feel the toys and improve their motor skills. You can take this to the beaches or the Granny’s home.

The attachable toys add beauty to the dome and engage the kid for a long time. The padding and the comfortable seat would let the kid take rest for a long time in the crib without feeling irritated.

The handle equipped to the dome is highly convenient to carry, and the flat fold of the design would let you take the baby anywhere. The best thing is that when the baby is not in the crib, you can keep it folded. It does not occupy much space in the baby room.


  • Little space is required
  • Toys equipped would entertain kids
  • Lightweight and can be carried anywhere
  • Easy to adjust the canopy
  • Used indoors and outdoors


  • Bigger in size hence not apt for small places

2. Baby Gund Animated Flappy

Baby Gund Animated Flappy


If you are planning to gift a stuffed toy to your niece, then this one is the best baby gifts to buy. The kids would jump with joy, seeing this stuffed baby gund.

Its height of the animal is 12 inches and is super soft. No one will feel like taking off their hands from its texture. The two legs of the animals are marked with sing and play respectively.

The child can have a good time with the toy. When they press the play button on one of the legs of the toy, it unveils the peek-o-boo kind of round and makes the Flappy ears to flop down and cover its eyes.

When you push the sing button on another leg, it starts to sing a beautiful song. The ear flaps would give ample entertainment to the kids.

You can power up the stuffed toy with the help of three AAA batteries. You cannot wash this toy in the machine, but it is simple for you to clean with the moist cloth to remove the dust particles on it.

Many kids love the adorable gestures of this stuffed animal.


  • Will amuse you with its gestures
  • You can teach a new song to it
  • Flappy ears
  • Play peek-a-boo with the kids
  • Soft


  • It sings with a single tune

3. Carter’s Simple Joys Bodysuits

Carter's Simple Joys Bodysuits


What can be the best baby gifts than gifting the bodysuits to the cute babies? These can be used by them every day, especially during the scorching summer. If their birthday falls in the summer month, you should gift the 6-piece bodysuits that the new mom would fall in love with the different colours.

The bodysuit is made of pure cotton and can be washed in the machine. The assorted six-pieces will have two-long sleeves bodysuits, two short-sleeve bodysuits and two pair of pants. The shoulders are expandable, and the snaps are nickel free.

One pant will have an elastic waistband, and a back appliqué and the other pant will have an elastic waistband with the ribbed cuffs. It offers ample comfort when worn.


  • 100% cotton
  • Easy to wash
  • Fits well to the babies
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Not for all ages

4. Baby Socks Gift Set

Blige SMTF Cute Animal


Do you want to go out of the box and best baby gift something beautiful for the kids? Then, you must gift them baby socks. It is for both baby boy and girl. The best thing is that the gift is made of soft material that even if the kids wear these socks throughout the day, they feel comfortable.

The socks are stretch at the right amount. The no-pinch cuff would offer high durability. No threat gets entangled between the toes of the baby and hurt them.

The material of the socks offers ample comfort and coziness to the babies. It is also easy to breathe. It looks adorable for the 0 to 3 months babies.

The tiny toes and ankles of babies are protected. The endearing animal designs are super cute. You can get in different animal designs such as cat, hippo, panda, skunk, bear, owl and puppy. The colours are for unisex.


  • Ample comfort
  • Animal designs that babies would love
  • Tangle free
  • Baby can sleep comfortably with socks


  • Pricey

5. Blige SMTF Cute Animal

Baby Socks Gift Set


If you want to give some adorable gift to the baby, then there is nothing than gifting them with the cute wrist raffles and soft socks.

The foot finder is the best thing that a new parent must buy for their babies to improve their sensory skills. It adds ample fun and entertainment to the babywearing it. They keep staring at the wrist rattles. The best thing about this is that it helps the baby develop the hand, foot and eye coordination. It fits for all the babies.

Even when you are working at home, you can keep the baby engaged with the rattles. These have butterflies and bugs that are soft and have smiley faces that bring abundant joy on the baby’s face.

You can get a pair of wrist rattles when you buy this gift. The best add-on to this is the foot finder. These are also equipped with the rattles that are soft and cute. It is fun for baby to look at these colourful creatures.

It also makes the baby stop crying when you tie these rattles to their wrist. No matter whatsoever maybe the size of the infant, this best new baby gifts fit them all.


  • Wrists rattle and baby socks
  • Soft and friendly for your skin
  • Colourful
  • Boost the sensory skills


  • Foot finder is not for the infants who are grown up
  • The rattling sound would have been better

6. Rockabye Owlivia Pink Owl Rocker

Rockabye Owlivia Pink Owl Rocker


It is one of the best baby gifts on Amazon that you can ever bestow to the baby on their special day, especially for the girl child. The own colourful rocker will keep your kid entertained. It is so durable that you can pass this gift to the next generation.

The fabric is so soft that it would not cause any kind of itchiness to the baby. It is easier to clean and spongy. Four songs can be played on the rocker such as ABC, numbers and colours and so on. It is for the kids who are nine months old and above. The kid can use this rocker to move back and forth and also learn to balance with ease.

There are four buttons equipped to the rocker, which you can use to play the educational songs. These songs will help the kids to learn colours and alphabets wherein no parent has to sit with them to make them learn this. It accommodates the kid up to 80 pounds and the construction of it is made of maple wood. The handles for an excellent grip are also made of wood.

The middle leaf of the rocker is made using superior quality hardwood board and a safe base. This board gives ample support to the back of the baby. You can clean the stains and milk spills on the rocker. It does not occupy much space in your bedroom. It is an excellent gift that keeps the kid entertained with the educational songs. It is easy to maintain and is highly comfortable.


  • Give a lot of fun to kids
  • Simple to clean
  • Teach them the colours, alphabets and so on
  • Improve their hand, eye and feet coordination
  • Improve the motor skills of the kid
  • No assembling is required
  • The handle will offer a good grip


  • Rocker will rip off soon

7. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube


Babies love music. When they are crying, the best mantra you have is to play the music from this magic cube. It is the best baby gift ever that produce some soothing music that entertains your baby. It is highly durable and gives ample fun for the babies.

It is the best toy for them to play with and can be used even when they step into the toddler age. There are four buttons that you can see on the cube, which teaches them the different sounds and improves their sensory skills.

It plays music from different instruments such as flute, piano, harp and French horn. The best thing about this magic cube is that you also get the volume switch, which allows you to increase the volume as you want.

Though the same tunes are played, still the babies enjoy it. Eight different tunes are playing by this magic cube. The music will start to play with the push of a button. When your kid touches the red or other coloured buttons, it starts to play violin or harp music.

The little faces would be filled with joy and amazement. If they like the tune, they would like to go back to listen to it again and again. It also ingrains the love for music in kids.

Moreover, music therapy will have a positive impact on the brain. The brain functioning of the kid can be improved along with neural strength. It also enhances the memory power of kids that every parent strives to do it by giving them good food. To run this cube, you would need AAA batteries.


  • Produce the sounds of musical instruments
  • Simple to play
  • Colourful and portable
  • Best gift for babies


  • Keep changing the batteries frequently

8. Baby Shusher For Babies

Baby Shusher For Babies


Few babies would love to listen to the music of shushing. It is not possible to produce this noise for the parents whenever their baby cries. There is a baby shusher that you can buy or you can gift to the new parents.

They would love this gift as it calms their crying baby. It is the natural way to ease the reflexes. It is a popular technique that is used by parents. It has a fourth and fifth shush that produces the rhythmic shush for the babies.

The best newborn baby gifts are approved by the doctors and are safe to be used for kids. It is tested rigorously in the laboratory to break the cry of the baby and make them soothing. The rhythmic shush would make the baby feel that his/her mom is inside the room.

The baby would hear a lot of noise in the morning and the night. The harsh sounds would calm down the baby. The babies will cry at any time. This shusher is a must to have with you. It is small, compact and simple for you to use and clean. You can take it along with you in the car, or to the friend’s place.


  • Choose the volume in which shush must be produced
  • Time options are available for you to set to 15 to 30 minutes
  • Small and easier to clean
  • Portable


  • Speaker is at the bottom, so you must tilt it to use

9. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib Toy

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib Toy


If you want to buy a crib toy for your baby, then you must buy this model, which is the best baby gift ever. It is the best one for you to use to soothe the baby who is crying and gets irritated. It produces some gentle lights, soothing music that helps the baby to calm down during bedtime.

The soother comes with the underwater scene and comes with the plastic frame. The turtles, octopus and crab that you find in the water would give some light show that makes the baby feel asleep. When the lights start to flash in the water, animals will begin to dance in the water and would move slowly. It is entertaining for the kids.

When lights would dance, music would be produced. There are different types of sounds produced along with gentle music. The kid can enjoy the light show and dance show of the animals up to 25 minutes. The volume and light in the crib toy can be adjusted according to the age of the baby. The lights start to dim after every 10 minutes with the baby going to snooze.

The other feature of the best gifts for the baby is the crib light. It will turn on the light and ensures that the baby is watching the light show before starting the song. You also get the remote that allows you to Turn ON and OFF the songs and the sounds. You can use the remote up to 12 feet.


  • Gentle light show
  • Animal characters are funny
  • Song and sound are produced 25 minutes
  • Work with the remote control
  • Can be used in all cribs
  • Produce Crib light
  • Child activated button


  • It is best used for the cribs that are in 10.5-diameter
  • Use four batteries for work

10. Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Cloud B Sleep Sheep


Babies would enjoy and would calm down when they listen to some good music or sounds. The sounds can be the gentle stream, showers of the spring, ocean surf and the whale songs. You can best baby presents this for your friend’s babies or your niece.

It is soft and fits in the travel bag so you can take this along with you when you are going with the baby. You can also attach this to the baby crib using the fastener or to the car seat.

It is easier for one to adjust the sound. It comes with the sleeper times which you can set for 23 or 45 minutes. You can select the sound that you want to play by using the push button. The sounds will stop after the sleeper timing is hit. It is of 8 inches and is portable.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Produce different sounds
  • Come with sleeper settings


  • Two AAA batteries are used

Factors To Look When Buying Best Baby Gift

When it comes to the best baby gifts, there will be overwhelming options available in the market. A few of the factors you must consider to choose the right one include:

1. Gender

The gender of the baby will help you narrow down the choices. If it is a girl, you can buy some kitchen set or teddy bear, and if it is a baby, they would like to play with the small bats.

2. Season

If you know the month in which the baby is born, you can choose the appropriate gift according to the season. You can get warm clothes to wear in winter and light clothes if they are born in summer.

3. Age

You must keep the age of the baby in mind as the baby grows very faster if you get the best baby Christmas gifts that can be used for a month or two, and then it would be of no use. You must buy a gift that they can use until they turn 2 to 3 years.

FAQs on Baby Gifts

Q1. What Skills Can A Toddler Develop Playing With Toys?

The toddler or infant can improve motor skills and social skills by playing with the toys that you gift them.

Q2. Will Toys Help To Put The Baby To Sleep?

The stuffed animals will make the baby feel cosy and let them play with it and sleep. You must keep minimum things on the bed that are fluffy.

Q3. What Type Of Toys We Should Not Gift To Babies?

Small-sized toys like pebbles that they can swallow or toys that have sharp edges should not be given to babies.

Q4. What Are The Gifts That Can Pacify Crying Babies?

Musical toys and rocking cribs can efficiently pacify babies.

Best Baby Gifts – Conclusion

Best baby gifts 2020 must be chosen with caution. We have listed out the top 10 best baby gifts with the pros and cons. You can go through the pros and cons of each gift and buy the one that is b best for you to bestow to the baby.