Best Baby Gates: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Summer Infant Safety Baby Gate Best Baby Gates Regalo Baby Gate Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate

Safety is perhaps the last thing on which you would ever want to negotiate when it is about your baby. A baby starts crawling from 8months or so. And this is the time when there are maximum chances of accidental risks. If you believe home is the most secure place, then you really got to think twice. If you have still not invested in a good quality baby gate, then you must do it today.

Household chores might sometimes wrap your attention, but you do not want to keep your baby at risk for those few minutes. So, if you have a little crawler at the house, perhaps the most essential thing you must invest in right away is the best baby gates.


Now, when you are investing in safety gates for your baby, it is perhaps most essential to dig into the safety features, lock mechanisms, installation procedures, the material of the gates, height, etc. to ensure that you are investing for the utmost safety gate for your little one. Here are the top 10 picks from the market to help you choose an ideal one for your house.

Top 10 Best Baby Gates

1. Summer Infant Safety Baby Gate

Summer Infant Safety Baby Gate Best Baby Gates


Designed to fit all your security needs with handling ease, the Summer Decorative Safety Wood & Metal Gate for Baby comes with a 3 extension. It is designed to cover any width of 36” to 60” with a standard 32’ height.
It has a portable design, suitable for most spaces, doorways, corridors, etc. you can suitably shift this gate between rooms. The door of the baby gate comes with an extra-wide hinge, so, if you want the best wide baby gate, this is the one for you.

It allows you to open it on both sides. Flexible and seamless handling is what stands to be the key catch of this product.

The gate is made with wood and metal; this gate is strong and durable, enhancing your baby’s safety. Absolutely elegant and stylish, this New Zealand pine wood and slate metal finish baby gate calls for high appreciation. So, if you are looking for the best baby gates for stairs, then you must use this gate.


  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Simple pressure mount installation
  • Portable and efficient
  • Standard height of 32”


  • The gate latch mechanism is too difficult and clumsy to operate

2. Regalo Baby Gate

Regalo Baby Gate


Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk Thru comes with two different ranges of fit openings. It fits for opening either between 29-34 or 35-38.5 inches wide and not any space between these two ranges. So, if you are thinking of buying this product, you got to measure your space seriously.

The product comes with a 6-inch wide extension kit and 4 pressure mount spindle rods. Ideal gate for stairs, and hallway, doorway, etc. Easy to install, extensively portable and conveniently design for easy storage. Regalo ensures quality and durability; the product comes with JPMA and ASTM certifications. If you want the best baby gates for wide opening, this is the one for you.


  • Multiple safety locks ensure safety
  • Easy installation with the mounting mechanism
  • JPMA and ASTM certified baby gate
  • Extra wide opening gate


  • Product quality is inferior, made with poor plastic

3. Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate


The Summer Deco Extra Tall Multi-Use Walk-Thru Gate is one of the popular products in this category of baby gates. The gate is 36” tall, is not only good for crawling babies but even for toddlers.

A seamless solution for any openings between 28.5” to 48” wide. The product is offered with an installation kit; however, it does not require drilling for pressure mounting fixing.

One of the key features of the product is the auto-close mechanism offering hands-free operation convenience. This feature allow you to seamlessly move through the gate, and gate auto-closing behind you. There is also an integrated hold open feature that keeps the gate open while you are handling your baby.


  • It comes with an auto-close mechanism
  • It also has a removable stopper
  • 36” tall suitable for babies and small pets
  • Easy to mount in any location without drilling


  • Requires extensive pressure for mounting the gate

4. Toddleroo North StatesWide Easy Close Baby Gate

Toddleroo North StatesWide Easy Close Baby Gate


Toddleroo by the North States is a reputed brand with a new avatar and has crafted a unique, easy to use and handle baby gate named Wide Easy-Close Baby Gate. A perfect buy for babies from 6 months to 24 months. Integrated with the auto-close mechanism, a soft push ensures the ready lock and safety of your baby.

While the gate is designed to open both ways, you can also secure opening on one side only with a lock system. There are three locking systems for added security. It perfectly fits for any space between 28 inches to 38.5 inches. The height of the gate is 29” is good enough for toddlers. The gate is easy to install. It comes with a simple pressure mount installation.


  • Easy close with a soft push
  • Opens on both sides
  • 3 distinct lock systems


  • Not suitable for children above 18months

5. Cardinal Gates Angle Stairway Baby Gate

Cardinal Gates Angle Stairway Baby Gate


Crafted to maximize the safety quotient of your baby around the stairways, this is a good choice for those who are looking for durable baby gates. Staircases can be most dangerous for toddlers and crawling babies. With a height of 29.5” this product is suitable for babies within 6months to 18 months.

It offers a wide range of 27 inches to 42.5 inches, which can perfectly fit most stair top spaces. Integrated with a latch ensuring one hand operation, this is a good way to keep your little one safe near stairs.


  • It can be installed at an angle
  • JMPA certified
  • Extensions are available


  • The latch is poorly constructed, does not fit well
  • Mounting kit and hinges are of poor quality

6. Toddleroo The North States Baby Gate

Toddleroo The North States Baby Gate


If you need a comprehensive security baby gate, this is what Todderloo by the North States brings to you. This is a wide gate and comes with an easy swing feature, but will keep your child at the place. The width of the gate can be adjusted up to 47.85” from 28.68”.

It is a durable and sturdy gate. This steel made gate comes in an elegant matte bronze finish. Wide opening gate, with one hand handling ease, makes it convenient to use. Moreover, the gate swings wide yet only on one side, making it secure. You can buy this product for security and durable construction.


  • 31 inches tall with width range up to 47.85”.
  • Swings open widely only on one side to ensure security
  • Smart and convenient one hand operation


  • The gate is too sturdy to operate conveniently

7. Summer Infant Stairway Wood Gate

Summer Infant Stairway Wood Gate


Crafted thoughtfully, the Summer Deluxe Wood Gate eliminates inconvenient threshold in the footway design, to avoid accidental tripping. At the same time, the product is integrated with one hand operation system as well as a swing stop lock system, ensuring that the door does not open towards the stairs.

Secure, well built, durable, and secured lock system makes it a popular choice in this list. Peeping into the measurements of height and width too, this product stands up to the standards with 32″ standard height and seamlessly fits openings up 30″ to 48″ wide.


  • Smart and intriguing design
  • Swing stop mechanism
  • One-hand operation
  • Hardware mounted


  • Poor quality of hardware kits provided.

8. Babepai Baby Gate

Babepai Baby Gate


Your search for easy to use, convenient installation and wide baby door perhaps end with this product from Babepai. This gate is designed to suit any space with a width of 54″ wide this retractable gate fits spaces lesser than this as well.

With a standard height of 34″ it can be perfect for most toddlers up to 24 months. It is crafted out of durable, strong, and breathable soft mesh.

The product is offered with a comprehensive installation kit. The product comes with a dual lock system. Easy to use, the clockwise movement opens the gate, and anti-clockwise helps to close. Soft mesh is easy for rolling up and convenient storage as well. Swift installation, easy to fit, and use.


  • Convenient storage
  • Dual lock mechanism
  • Fits into spaces with width up to 54 inches
  • Retractable design
  • Allows 360 degrees closing direction


  • Not ideal for moving babies who can easily dismantle the product.

9. Regalo Home Accents Baby Gate

Regalo Home Accents Baby Gate


Regalo Home Accents offers the Extra Wide Thru Gate for babies to secure your baby in wide spaces. This product can easily fit into space gaps of 30 inches to 40 inches. It has a standard height of 30 inches makes it an appropriate pick for babies up to 18 months.

Style and durability blend in together with the New Zealand Pine finish product. Pressure mount technology eases mounting and installation. The one-hand operation makes handling even easier.

Smart one-touch release safety lock mechanism enhances overall safety quotient, and simple push close allows you to handle your baby and the door simultaneously without a buzz.


  • Up to 40-inches width
  • 4-inch extension kit available
  • One-touch release safety lock


  • Built material not satisfactory, breaks off easily

10. Summer Infant Baby Gate

Summer Infant Baby Gate


The Summer Wood Banister has designed a sturdy, durable, and hi-tech Safety Baby Gate for stairs. This product not only suits to be fixed at stairs but also banisters. Tall gate with a height of 33” this is made for babies from 6 months to 24 months with 33 inches to 46 inches wide width.

Eliminate the trouble of punching holes into the wall, drilling, handling screws, etc. with a simple pressure mounting system. Seamless installation in a few minutes makes the product ready to use. It has extra wide opening of the gates enhances movability ease.

The product also cuts off the threshold design at footstep to reduce the chances of tripping over. So, if you are looking for the best baby gate for bottom of stairs, then you must choose this gate.


  • Width up to 46 inches
  • Extra-wide opening gates
  • Secured mounting for stairways and banisters
  • Easy installation without drilling


  • The gate pops off the hinges.

Factors Determining The Purchase Of Best Baby Gates

1. Mounting Pattern

The primary requirement behind the installation of baby gates is to ensure safety and security of your baby by bounding their movement within enclosed space.

In the market, you have special gates like you can find the best baby gates for stairs with banisters or gates for hallways, patio, etc. But each gate has a mounting technique, which is the key behind its strength and reliability as per secured position, optimal security, etc.

Basically, there are two types of mounting baby gates, pressure mounted, and hardware mounted gates.


The first benefit of Pressure-mounted baby gates is that these are easy to install anywhere. These are not affixed with screws and nut, which makes these highly portable, easy to install anywhere around. But while this a benefit, it also makes this kind of gates unsuitable for positioning near staircases.

Since these are not fixed tightly in a position, there can a risk of the gate moving out of place. However, you can use it anywhere where you want to enclose your baby within a particular space, or don’t want your baby to move out of your sight, like corridors, hallways, at the bottom of the stairs, or around doorways. Pressure-mounted baby gates work like a partition between two rooms.


These are designed to avoid babies from risk of tripling down, falling, etc. you can pick these if you intend for permanent use, however in order to install a hardware-mounted baby gate you need installation tools and mounting kit.

Looking for a secured security barrier near the staircase, near the gate to poolside, around fireplace, etc. hardware mounted is the ideal pick. These are the best top of stairs baby gates since these are attached to a position with nuts and screws and cannot be moved easily, so there is a lesser probability of it loosing up or getting sabotaged.

2. JPMA Certification

When it is about baby products like best baby safety gates, you simply cannot afford to compromise on quality, and this why it is important to note if the baby gates you want to purchase are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

This is an organization that independently tests all kinds of child products to verify if the product quality, design, and built adhere to the strict safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

However, JPMA certification is completely voluntary for any company, but when a product has its certificate, you know that the product manufacturer has gone the extra mile to ensure quality.

3. Width

While shopping for baby gates, it is important to measure the space where it needs to be fixed. Best baby gates come in a wide variety of width, but until you know the exact width of the space you want to put the gate, you might end up buying a bigger or smaller gate, with no use at all.

4. Height

As important as the width to fit into space, the height is also equally important. Standard baby gates start from 22-inches. But if you intend to ensure high-end security, restrain your baby from climbing up the gates. And toppling over, it is good to look for height between 28 inches to 32 inches. This is perhaps the standard height range when your baby is in the crawling stage.

Once your baby enters the toddler’s group and above with his/her height near 3 feet, you will no longer need baby gates perhaps. However, there are also excel height models which range from 36”-38”.

5. Gate Spacing

The spacing of baby gate slots is important since excessive spacing will make it easy for your baby to try to escape through it. Even while you buy the best baby gate you must read the manual or verify if the product slot spacing is conveniently designed. Many baby gates are designed with a plastic telescopic rail, which prevents accidental entrapments.

6. Installation

Installation can be the most harassing part while setting up a baby gate if the procedure is too complex. If you need to have an installation kit, tools, and screws, you must have a drill machine with you. However, if you know the installation procedure before buying, you can straightaway manage according to tools.

7. Baby Gate Materials

When it is about a baby, you need to keep in mind a lot of factors, like the material. Materials like iron catch rust, plastics might have toxic agents or chemicals, etc.

Therefore, wooden gates or plastic PVC gates, which are especially free of polyvinyl chloride, are most suitable for babies. If you are using a hardware-mounted gate, make sure no nails or screws with a sharp edge are likely to be in touch with your baby.

FAQs on Baby Gates

Q1. How Do I Know If I Need A Baby Gate?

This is solely the discretion of the parents, whether they want to buy baby gates or not. Babies in their crawling and toddling stage can end up messing around near staircases, fireplaces, enter the kitchen, bathrooms without anyone noticing them. Moreover, if you or the other members tend to busy with other chores, you essentially need to secure the security of your baby.

A baby gate isolates and limits than within an enclosed space that you choose, keeping your baby engaged in solo play, and within a safe zone.

Q2. Where Should I Position Baby Gates?

If you need a portable gate to fix in various locations as you move around and manage your household chores and need you, baby, to be within the periphery of your sight, a pressure-mounted or portable gate can be an ideal buy.

You can also look for fixed gates for risky zones within the house like kitchens, fireplaces, stairs, poolside gate, etc. gates should be installed in locations where there is the scope of risk.

Q3. Can I Install A Baby Safety Gate Myself?

All baby safety gates come with a buyer’s guide with elaborate manufacturer’s instructions. By following the instructions, it is very simple to install a baby gate anywhere.

These are portable and friendly to handle as well. However, for hardware-mounted gates, you need proper tools and kit, which are also mentioned in the manual. Therefore, with all tools it can also be done all by yourself.

Q4. Which Baby Gate Should I Buy For The Stairs?

Staircases can be very dangerous, since its always an accident-prone area, especially for babies who cannot handle stairs all by themselves. Therefore, you need a strong and properly fixed gate near staircases, like hardware mounted best baby gates.

Choose The Best Baby Gates And Keep Them Safe

The market is filled with options of best baby gates for stairs, but the choice might not be easy. You need to measure your space before shopping for any baby gate since mounting can be troublesome if the width measurement is not adjustable. Besides, the installation needs to be convenient.

Some spaces have no option for drilling, or you might not want to drill a hole into your wall. Therefore, to ease a lot many confusions and buyer’s preference here is a well-chosen and custom collection of topmost products in the market, popular and suitable within a budget.

From sturdy built to easy installation, wide swing opening to one-hand operation, this list covers the top features you expect in your baby gate.

We have discussed various options that will help you make the best buying decision; this list includes the best pressure mounted baby gate, portable gates, and other options that you can explore. Make sure that the product that you are buying is of the best quality.