Insights from the past

One can only look up medical sources and consult medical professionals to know about the importance of the prenatal years of a child. It is the most crucial time, during which much physical and psychological development takes place.

The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge has written that: “Yes! The history of man for the nine months preceding his birth would probably be far more interesting and contain events of greater moment than all the three score and ten years that follow it” Such poets and philosophers have also discussed in their works regarding prenatal stress and the negative impact it can have on the fetus.

One of the greatest artists known to the world, Leonardo Da Vinci is known to have said: “The things desired by the mother are often found impressed on the child that the mother carries.” Philosophers like Hippocrates and the holy Hindu scriptures of the Vedas shared similar ideas with the world.

Maternal Impressions:

In ancient times, this belief that the emotions felt by a pregnant mother can greatly affect the child, was known as maternal impressions. This theory traces back to interesting folktales, in which it was believed by particular communities that a mark of the object or animal feared by the pregnant mother is found on the baby.

With the advancement of science and reason, this belief got translated to the impact the emotions felt by the mother can have, both physically and mentally, on the child. This is why spending quality time with a baby is so important today. You can take your baby out for strolls using a baby stroller to make the child feel calm and loved.

The Evil Eye:

This too, is a traditional belief that emerges along with the maternal impression. The myth of the evil eye entails that if it befalls a pregnant woman, she and her baby will suffer great misfortune. The fear that she feels when the evil eye falls on her will cause stress and hamper the baby’s development.

Similar beliefs still exist even amongst those who lead urban lives. The proof is in the kinds of baby gifts that parents often receive that include dream catchers or special stones to prevent any kind of evil eye on the baby. However, this is a personal choice for parents more than a need.

Public Health Message:

Public health messages have always been very important. In the 1900s USA, such public messages regarding the impact of the mother’s emotions of the child were present all across the country. This informed people regarding how old this belief is and also educated mothers to be careful about their emotions.